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Our Plumbers are Longmont's Finest

At A&E Comfort Pros here in Longmont, we only hire the best plumbers in Longmont. That way, we can assure you that we will get the job done right, no matter what. Our highly trained and certified plumbers are both friendly and professional, and are equipped to fix any home or commercial plumbing repair.

The pipes in your Longmont or Denver metro area home are put through a lot, every year. Even in ordinary conditions, pipes will wear down over time. In Colorado, however, between scorching summers, and below-freezing winters, your plumbing is constantly under a pretty significant amount of stress. It’s important to keep your home protected from burst or leaky pipes with A&E Comfort Pros plumbing services here in Longmont. Take the steps to safeguard your home and belongings against water damage from a plumbing malfunction, and have A&E Comfort Pros in Longmont inspect your pipes.

We Gladly Provide 24 Hour Emergency Repair Service to Longmont and Denver

There is never a good time to have a plumbing emergency, but with A&E Comfort Pros, you never have to worry about being without a plumber when you need one most. We proudly provide Longmont and the surrounding Denver metro area with 24-hour emergency repair service, both for your plumbing, and for your HVAC, 7 days a week.

Enjoy the friendly customer service you’ll receive from our wonderful staff of Longmont technicians and plumbers while they provide you with only the upmost in installation and repair. Taking care of any plumbing needs you may have for your Colorado home. No one should have to endure septic issues, and if you are, you certainly should never have to wait days, or even weeks before your Longmont home is in working order again.

Increase Your Homes Efficiency

Upgrades in modern technology now allow your water system to be more efficient than ever – both economically and environmentally. Call A&E Comfort Pros in Longmont today, and ask about installing a new tankless water heater in your Longmont or Denver metro area home. Our professional technicians can have one of these heaters installed in your entire plumbing system, or just on one single water tap. Save big on your next water bill with a tankless water heater from A&E Comfort Pros!

Call Us, Anytime!

With over 15 years amazing years of experience providing Colorado with top-quality plumbing services, you know we mean “comfort.” For all your plumbing needs, emergencies to basic repairs, call us today!

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Thank you for visiting the A&E Comfort Pros website. We appreciate your business. If you need more information regarding any of our services, please contact us today at 970-888-4263. We’ll be glad to answer all of your questions.

Services We Offer

Also, the experts at A&E Comfort Pros will be happy to help you with the certification process for the selling of your home!

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Residential HVAC System Performance


Residential Air Balancing Technician


National Standard Master Mechanical


EPA Certified Universal