Save Energy and Money with Air Duct Sealing in Longmont, CO

A&E Comfort Pros is a family-owned company with over 15 years of experience in residential and commercial HVAC equipment, ready to help our customers with professional duct sealing.

As ductwork service professionals, we know when an HVAC unit is working properly and when it is working overtime, using too much electricity. You may have also noticed that your energy bills are going up month after month. And there is a simple solution for this issue: duct sealing.

The fact is that heated or cooled air passing through unsealed ducts will not remain at the set temperature. Without HVAC duct sealing, a lot of heat or cooling is lost through the ducts along its route. This means that the compressor has to work harder to ensure that the temperature in the room reaches the desired level.

Other Benefits of Performing Duct Sealing

Apart from saving money, air duct sealing will improve the overall comfort of your home. You will enjoy a uniform temperature in all the rooms, which is very important especially during very cold winters.

At the same time, air duct sealing makes your heating and air conditioning unit safer, free from the risk of catching fire as a result of working overtime.

Signs You Should Call HVAC Duct Sealing Professionals

In some cases, you may not be aware that your heating and cooling unit needs duct sealing. You just believe that the HVAC equipment is undersized or that electricity gets more and more expensive. 

However, these are some issues you cannot ignore, and require calling in specialists in air duct sealing:

  • Some rooms in the house are always too hot or too cold
  • You notice tangles in the ductwork
  • The ducts run through the attic, garage, or crawl space.

We Are Ready to Help You with Duct Sealing

At A&E Comfort Pros, we know everything about duct sealing and other maintenance works for residential and commercial HVAC equipment. We are a family-owned company, located in Milliken, CO, and serve the communities of: 

  • Longmont
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