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Getting an air conditioning service to fix your water cooler before summer should be your priority number one. If you don’t have one, a swamp cooler installation is the right choice for you. What is it, you ask? And why you should install a swamp cooler instead of a traditional AC?

Benefits of a Swamp Cooler

Swamp Or Evaporative Cooler Installation Is Energy-Efficient

Unlike ACs, swamp coolers don’t need that much energy because they use humidified air to make the air around you colder. This means you will see much lower utility bills.

Evaporative Cooling Service Is Great For Dry Areas

A swamp cooler releases humidified air, whereas AC operates by utilizing very high energy to convert warm air to cold. If you live in a dry climate, swamp coolers are much better for you. The humidity is a bonus for you because your skin will not get dry as much, and your hair will feel much healthier.

Do you already have a swamp cooler? We also provide swamp cooler maintenance.

Here’s when you should be calling us to get your cooler up to date.

3 Signs You Need Swamp Cooler Repair

You Don’t Have Proper Airflow

A good reason that your swamp cooler is not starting could be because there is a problem in the circuit breaker or some inside damage, which needs a quick repair.

It Smells

If you have not used or cleaned the unit for a long time, the water or mildew can cause a strange odor, requiring professional cleaning.

The Cooler Is Leaking

If your cooler is dripping from anywhere, the problem could be that you have not stored the unit properly during winter, and now it needs some swamp cooler service to get it flowing again properly.

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