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A&E Comfort Pros is a licensed HVAC company, family-owned and operated by over 15 years, specializing in HVAC installation, maintenance, and repair for commercial and residential clients.

If you are about to purchase a new heating/cooling unit, you should hire a professional HVAC service company to install it in your home. HVAC installation is a highly skilled and specialized job that should not be entrusted to a local handyman or unlicensed contractor. Your comfort and even safety depend on the proper installation of the central unit and adequate routing of the ductwork.

After all, you are about to invest a significant amount of money in your brand new AC or heating equipment. Choosing a professional HVAC installation service is not just a good idea, but one of the requirements if you don’t want to void the warranty for the unit.

What Professional HVAC Installation Involves

An experienced contractor will find the ideal place to install the central unit and plan the ductwork route so that each room in your house has sufficient airflow. The HVAC installation service specialist will:

  • Identify the ideal indoor space for installation, which also allows for ongoing maintenance and repair
  • Determine the necessary duct size for HVAC installation 
  • Route the ductwork through insulated spaces, avoiding the attic or basement if possible
  • Seal the ducts and add extra insulation to the ductwork
  • Find the best locations for the condensing unit to minimize airflow blockage and noise
  • Check the refrigerant charge and airflow rate of the HVAC equipment 
  • Install the thermostat away from windows and other heat sources

We Are Ready to Help You with Professional HVAC Installation Service!

A&E Comfort Pros has over 15 years of experience as a licensed HVAC contractor for residential and commercial projects. We are a family-owned and operated company, based in Milliken, CO, and offering professional HVAC installation to the communities of:

  • Longmont
  • Loveland
  • Fort Collins

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